Dallas Museum of Art: The Home of Creativity and Beautiful Artwork

When it comes to know about any culture and art, the best source is the museum. It provides you best opportunity to learn about rich culture and history and people of that nation. The art museum provokes creations and a new vision for everything. Create a new vision and boost creativity by visiting Dallas Museum of Art.


Drive your vehicle to the Grand Avenue Dallas for experiencing this amazing museum’s art. The museum is the home of more than 24000 objects ranging from the third millennium BC to the present day. The collection of the museum is the best example of human creativity.


Find the work of well known artists like Francis Bacon, Alexandre Hogue, Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Gerald Murphy, Piet Mondrian, Odilon Redon, Olin Herman Travis and many other such artists. It is the treasure of art work of African art, American art, Ancient American art, Ancient Mediterranean art, Asian art, Contemporary art, European art, Pacific Islands art and Decorative art and designs.


The south Asian collection includes the art collection of Buddhist art, Mughal empire art work between 15th to 19th centuries. It also includes great artwork of 10th century sandstone representing Lord Vishnu, famous Bronze Nataraja and many other unique pieces. The ancient Mediterranean art consist of objects from Etruscan, Roman, Apulian, Greek, Cycladic and Egyptian objects. In the Greek art, you will get chance to glimpse on 2nd century AD “Figure of a man from a funerary relief”.


Among the significant work includes painting by Nicolas Mignard, Pietro Paolini, Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Claude-Joseph Vernet, Gustave Courbet, Hans Thoma and many others. The important work from the Ancient American art includes the work of gold objects, paintings, sculpture, prints, work on paper and other form.


The museum also offers art exchange program in which the museum share information and expertise about the art work. To encourage the visitors about the art work, it offers summer family fun, summer art camp, kids clubs, classes and workshop and other such programs. The library at the place also proves to be a great source of information as it has special galleries about the art and its history.


The admission to the museum is free of charge. Visit the place from Tuesday to Sunday other than Thursday from 11:00am to 5:00pm. On Thursday from 11:00are to 9:00pm. The museum remains close on Monday, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day and Christmas day.


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