Dallas World Aquarium: Beautiful Home of Lovely Creatures

Nature has blessed us with many beautiful things, but in order to lead the better life we have isolated this important part of life. Our selfishness has landed us into trouble, but nature is altruistic.  Now make your strong once again with the nature by visiting the place with natural settings around. Whether you are visiting the Dallas for the first time or regular visit of the place, take the friends and family to the Dallas World Aquarium.


The aquarium is located at the North Griffin St, Dallas. It is the top destination of endangered species, exotic birds, South Africa animals and many more. It is the home of the endangered animals like Giant river otters, Orinoco crocodiles, Antillean manatees, Cocks-of-the-rock, electric eels and other animals from the different part of the world.


The aquarium has many attractions that will surely grab your attention. There are around two and three toed sloths. The rainforest exhibits gives you the feeling of real forest with birds like toucans, scarlet ibis flying freely in the sky plus display of animals like vampire bats, poison dart frogs, caecilians, electric eels, tamarins, orinoco crocodiles and many other animals.


While another attraction is the aquarium where you can find ten main tanks animals like jellyfish, sea anemones, corals and many others. The visitors can also get chance to see tanks features fishes from the countries like Fiji, Palau, Japan, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, the Bahamas and the list goes on.


The Mundo Maya cenote in the Dallas World is the home of sawfish, sharks, and rays. The visitors can also enjoy the swimming of Blue penguins and Black-footed. Other than the beautiful exhibitions, the aquarium takes the initiative to educate the visitors about these endangered species and importance of conservation.  It has more than 55 touch screens which will update you about the plants and animals in the exhibits.


The aquarium will remain open from Monday to Sunday between 9:00am to 5:00pm; however it will remain close on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.


Admission charges:

  • Adult: $20.95 + tax
  • Child (2 to 12 years): $12.95 + tax
  • Child (under 2 years): Free
  • Senior (65 years and more): $16.95


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