Test Your Courage at the Zero Gravity Park

Chill out this summer with your family in this Zero Gravity Park of Texas! It is the world only amusement park with 5 different thrill rides. It is a unique park with five attractions which boost up the adrenaline level.


It has gain a sturdy stream of visitors since its doors opened. This park has earned the name as being nice place for hand gliding, bungee jumping and free-falling, in Texas. This adventurous park is always full of surprising and thrilling activities for those individuals who are not with soft heart.


The park authorities are very concerned with visitor safety issues so, have enforced some safety restrictions vigorously. In order to lessen accidents and deaths, steel cords zero and strong elastic are included in numerous safety system. Rides provided over here are well-liked amongst couples, singles, and families, in addition to leisure and groups.


Also, Zero Gravity Park is considered as the wonderful place to organise events and parties. Main five attractions of this place are Sky coaster, Nothing but Net, Bungee Jumping, the Skyscraper and Texas Blastoff.


Bungee Jump has permanent seven story stage designed particularly for the bungee jumping. It is one of the classic and far-fetched seven story drop in which initially, participant’s takes head first dive from seven platforms. Another ride is of Sky coaster in which we have to hang from 110 foot at the speed of 60 metre per minute. Here, three riders are harnessed at the same time. Next one is Ejection seat also, known as Texas Blast off which there is straight up to 150 feet into the air is the fastest attraction of this place. Here, there is twisting, flipping and turning.


Nothing’ But Net is another most novel ride in which there is free fall of 100 feet from a 16 story tower into net without any parachute or harness . It is also voted as the one of top thing to do in the city of Dallas. Last but not least is Skyscraper which runs at the speed of 60 metre per minute. In this thrilling ride you can remarkable feeling of gliding over feet 100 off ground and delivers up to 4Gs force. It is apt for three persons to fly at the same time together.


The Skyscraper is meant to accommodate four people and is an enormous propeller that whips through the air, spinning like a windmill at sixty miles per hour. When the Skyscraper finally comes to a stop, riders can see a bird-eye view of downtown Dallas.


Operation Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 4 pm-12am
  • Friday: 4pm-1am
  • Saturday: 12pm-1am
  • Sunday: 1pm-12am


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